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2020, Color, 16'52", Live Action
Dir: SHIN Swung-eun
Keyword: Drama, Youth, Women, Rights, Music


Film Awards
The 17th Incheon Women's Film Festival (2021,Korea)
The 9th Seoul International Kids Film Festival (2021,Korea)
The 9th Gwangju Independent Film Festival (2020,Korea)
The 22th International Women's Film Festival in Seoul (2020,Korea)

Chaemin and Sunhwa are friends who major in Ajaeng at high school. (*Ajaeng: a traditional Korean seven-stringed instrument) Having selection of seats for each part of the regular concert ahead, Chaemin feels that teacher prefers Sunhwa, but doesn't make much of it. In their 30s, Chaemin and Sunhwa come across each other at the lobby of the concert hall.

Director's Note

We have to distinguish between traditions that must be passed down and that must be abandoned.

Director's Bio / Filmography
- SHIN Swung-eun

Konkuk University graduate school, Dept. of Moving Images & Film / College of Art & Design.


2014       [Time Machine] 14min.

18th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival

2015       [Juggling] 24min.

Gyeongnam Independent Film Festival


2019   [Mother-in-law] 24min

21st The Short Shorts Film Festival (2019, Japan)

Best Film award, 19th Seoul PRIDE Film Festival (2019, South Korea)

17th Asiana International Short Film Festival (2019, South Korea)

20th San Diego Asian Film Festival(2019, USA)

36th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival(2020,USA)

11th NYC Independent Film Festival(2020, USA)

20th Korea Queer Film Festival(2020, South Korea)

23rd Women Make Waves Film Festival(2020, Taiwan)

2020   [Frontman] 17min

22nd Seoul International Women's Film Festival, FilmXGender(2020, South Korea)

9th Gwangju Independent Film Festival (2020)