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  • Move the Grave  
    Dir: JEONG Seung-o
    2019, Color, 94', Drama, Family
    Hye-young receives a letter of notification that her father's grave should be forcibly removed due to modernization projects. Hye-young and the sisters are gathered in a long time, but only the bro..
  • Goodbye Summer  
    Dir: PARK Ju-Young
    2019, Color, 71', Drama, Romance
  • Omok Girl  
    Dir: BAEK Seung-hwa
    2018, Color, 57', Drama, Comedy, Youth
     Our protagonist Baduk is a Baduk genius from birth. But it has been a long time since she quit Baduk. All at once she takes part in an Omok tournament which helds in her village, to win prize ..
  • Papa Zombie  
    Dir: KO Hyun-chang
    2016, Color, 89', Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Children, Family
    A little boy Seung-gu thinks his dad has become a zombie after losing his job. So he arranges an anti-zombie commando with his schoolmates whose dads seem zombies too. They try every possible means ..
  • Queen of Walking  
    Dir: BAEK Seung-hwa
    2016, Color, 93', Drama, Comedy, Youth, Sports, Family
    A coming of age story of a group of cheerful youths that conveys the message that it’s okay to take it slow. 
  • Worst Woman  
    Dir: KIM Jong-kwan
    2016, Color, 94', Drama, Women, Romance
    Eun-hee is an actress whose acting is poor, but she also plays in her real life. Her performance full of lies helps her feel she creates different personalities each time she dates seperate men. Eve..
  • Strangers on the Field  
    Dir: KIM Myeong-joon
    2014, Color, 103', Drama, Youth, Rights, Sports
    For 42 years from 1956 to 1997, 600 young students who were Korean residents in Japan visited their motherland every summer to play baseball. They were the student baseball team of Korean residents ..
  • Penny Pinchers  
    Dir: KIM Jung-hwan
    2011, Color, 114', Drama, Comedy, Romance
    Chun Ji-woong (Song Junggi) is a young man who always fails the company entrance exams. His mother has stopped giving him an allowance and he doesn' t have a single penny left in his pocket so ro..
  • One for All, All for One  
    Dir: PARK Don-sa, PARK Sa-yu
    2013, Color, 106', Youth, Rights, Sports
    Osaka Korean High School has continued to provide an ethnocentric education for over 60 years in Japan. It is located within 20 minutes of Kintetsu Hanazono Rugby Stadium which is a mecca for Japanese ..
  • My Dear Girl, Jin-young  
    Dir: Andrew LEE
    2013, Color, 102', Drama, Fantasy, Women, Gay, Romance, Family
    After being abandoned by her birth mother at an early age, Jin-young is raised by a stepmother. As time passed by, the stepmother falls ill with senile dementia and is sent to a nursing home. Meanwhil..

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