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  • Juhee from 5 to 7  
    Dir: JANG Kun-jae
    2022, Color,B&W, 76'04", Drama, Women
     Ju-hee, a drama professor who wants to quit teaching after this semester, finds out that she has a tumor suspected of malignancy in her chest after a medical examination. She is sure it's c..
  • The Fifth Thoracic Vertebra  
    Dir: PARK Syeyoung
    2022, Color, 64'41", Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Music
    A creature born in an abandoned mattress travels around the country feasting on its victims’ vertebrae, struggling to break free from the bed, the mold, and its past. 
    Dir: KA Sung-moon
    2022, Color, 111'49", Drama, Women, Rights, Family
    Hye-jeong, who lost her husband in an industrial accident, moves into a sparky new town apartment ‘Dream Palace’. But things go awry, construction defect occurs in her unit, and to catch up ..
  • The Layover  
    Dir: CHOI Chang-hwan
    2022, Color, 80'39", Drama, Romance, Omnibus, Family
     A flight departing from Incheon to New York JFK is cancelled due to engine problems. The passengers bound to the replacement flight following day are staying at a layover hotel provided by the..
  • Usu  
    Dir: OH Se-hyun
    2021, Color, 78'41", Drama
    A photo studio owner Jemoon receives a call that his old college friend Chulsoo’s father committed suicide. Not so long after, he finds out that it wasn’t his father but Chulsoo himself who took hi..
  • Gyeong-ah’s Daughter  
    Dir: KIM Jung-eun
    2022, Color, 118'55", Drama, Women, Rights
      Gyeong-ah works as a caregiver and lives alone. The only one she can rely on is her daughter, Yeon-su, but it’s hard to see her after her independence. Meanwhile, Yeon-su, who was sufferin..
  • Awoke  
    Dir: SEO Tea-soo, JUNG Jae-ik
    2021, Color, 96'17", Drama, Rights
  • I Am From Chosun  
    Dir: KIM Cheol-min
    2020, Color, 94', Drama, Rights, Family
  • Kim Jong-boon of Wangsimni  
    Dir: KIM Jin-yeoul
    2021, Color, 102', Drama, Aged, Women, Family
  • A Leave  
    Dir: LEE Ran-hee
    2020, Color, 81', Drama, Rights, Family
    A 49-year old fired worker Jae-bok has been holding a sit-in for 5 years with his colleagues. After the union lost the final lawsuit asking for the invalidation of his recent layoffs, they decide t..

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