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Dir: KIM Hwi-joung
2020,Color, 24', Drama, Fam..

The birthday of second son. The gestalt of a mother who spends the day.&nbs..

Bloodshot Eyes

Dir: LEE Ju-seung
2020,Color, 17'8", Horror, Th..

17 years ago when Jeongah was pregnant, her husband was killed by a masked ..

Hashtag Mongolia

Dir: KIM Jun-sik
2020,Color, 29'34", Comedy, Ri..

A Korean business owner Songchang goes on a trip to Mongolia with his Mongo..


Dir: SOHN Su-hyun
2020,Color,B&W, 10'14", Drama, Fan..

Actors ‘Soo-hyun’ and ‘Suzy’ play freelance 'Hyunji' and 'Yeonsu&#..


Dir: SHIN Swung-eun
2020,Color, 16'52", Drama, You..

Chaemin and Sunhwa are friends who major in Ajaeng at high school. (*Ajaeng..


Dir: JEON Ye-jin
2020,Color, 22'56", Drama, Wom..

On a hot summer day, Haedam, who is blind, calls a repair engineer to fix a ..


Dir: KIM Hyun-min
2020,Color, 14'25", Drama, Chi..

There is a woman who eats Tteok-bokki constantly. Whenever she is hungry or ..


Dir: KIM Seong-ky, YUN Yu
2020,Color, 10'3", Drama, Thr..

The woman is strapped on the chair, and a man takes off the tape covering h..

Rats in the House

Dir: HONG Yeon-i
2020,Color, 18'44", Drama, Thr..

Hanbin’s mother didn't come back to home a month, then rats begin to com..

The Adventure of a Hard Drive

Dir: BAEK Seung-hwa
2020,Color,B&W, 10'4", Comedy, Fa..

Mi-suk has quit working in film work. She loses the external hard drive con..

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