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The Angler

Dir: JANG Seung-wook
2018,Color, 13'44", Drama, Chi..

 Noah tries to catch fish every day, later even without knowing the rea..

My Little Brother, Seung-hyuk

Dir: KIM Deok-geun
2018,Color, 19'9", Drama, Chi..

 Seung-hyuk has been sacrificing a lot for his older brother Min-hyuk ..

In the Place of Fallen Petals

Dir: YUN Woo-joung, YUK Jin-soo
2018,Color, 7'10", Drama, Fan..

 After his mother's death, her son encountered his mom’s illusion o..


Dir: JANG Byeng-min, CHOI in-won
2018,Color, 5'19", Children, ..

 B who was digging gems for Wooz's fuel gets a rare diamond. But Wo..


Dir: RYU Jee-yeon, PARK Sae-hee, JIN Joo-hyun
2018,Color, 5'50", Thriller, ..

 A vampire Belmont lives in an old and dreadful castle. For his wife w..

Ruby & Dogi

Dir: CHOI Gayoung, KANG Ye-rin
2018,Color, 5', Drama, Com..

 Ruby and Dogi live upstairs and downstairs with each other. Ruby want..


Dir: KO Hye-ji, KIM Jun-kyu, EOM Hye-ji
2018,Color, 4'49", Drama, Fam..

 The little boy who has won the prize at the drawing contest tries to ..


Dir: JEONG Seung-o
2018,Color, 9'4", Drama, Rig..

 Min-gyu takes some leave from the military and goes camping with Dong-..

Ship of Fools

Dir: LEE Sang-hak
2018,B&W, 14'50", Fantasy, H..

As it gets unzipped, men wear masks. 


Dir: LEE Seong-man
2018,Color, 19'49", Drama, Wom..

A life-threatening patient enters the operating room. The patient, Jeong-a i..

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