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Lucky Ball

Dir: KWAK Min-seung
2015,Color, 22'17", Drama, You..

 High school students Youn-ju and Eun-chae are practicing their ensemb..

Hair Universe

2023,Color, 11'17", Drama, Fan..

A grieving boy finds the hair of his recently deceased mother caught in the..


Dir: MOON Hae-jun
2023,Color, 17'40", Drama, Wom..

Lunar New Year’s Eve arrives around contract renewal season. Kim Youngju, a ..

The Scenes Left Behind

Dir: Yi Seung-eon
2023,Color, 12'51", Drama

A man and a woman are seated in a seaside café facing each other. And ..

My Space

Dir: HAN Se-ha
2023,Color, 23'14", Drama, Chi..

A little girl Jian needs solitude in her room. 

Full Meatal Brain

Dir: JEONG Taewan
2023,Color, 9'17", Fantasy, S..

She succeeds in the experiment of creating human consciousness. 

Underneath The Bridge

Dir: PARK JI-hyeon
2023,Color, 34'48", Drama, Fan..

On a summer day, Doyoung loses her younger sister Dohee in an accident. ..

Forest of Echos

Dir: LIM Yoo-ri
2023,Color, 21'40", Fantasy, H..

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived alone in a small villag..

No Haggling... Please

Dir: PARK Hyun-woong
2022,Color,B&W, 13'46", Drama, Com..

For some reason, he sells all five of his guitars to ‘Park-Kang’ at once.&n..

Nobody’s Home

Dir: RYU Hyeong-joon
2023,Color, 29'59", Drama, Com..

Mirae, a transgender who just can't live with her family, trys to get..

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