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Method Acting

Dir: LEE Ki-hyuk
2020,Color, 29'58", Comedy

Actor Lee Dong-hwi, who played the role of Park Kyung-soo, anorexia patient..


Dir: KIM Kyung-rae
2020,Color, 23'17", Drama, Com..

Min-ki is agonizing over the way he talks to others. 

Their Last Visitor

Dir: LEE Jea-han
2020,B&W, 39'57", Drama

Jinho works at a film production for 4 years. He surprises for his old coll..


Dir: JEON Hye-jin
2020,B&W, 22'12", Drama

One day a refrigerator at Hyunwoo’s bar breaks down and three visitors come ..


Dir: PAEK Si-won
2020,Color, 13'38", Drama, Wom..

Today is the big cleaning day for Yongsoon who lives alone. She wipes her h..

Interpreting Hyun-ju

Dir: KANG Ji-hyo
2020,Color, 23'53", Drama, Chi..

Seonyeong, who is an elementary school teacher, cares about Hyeonju who is ..

How to cross a memory

Dir: CHOI Ye-rin
2020,Color, 26'17", Drama, Fan..

This story follows the protagonist Yujin who has lost her best friend in a ..


Dir: JEON In-hwan
2020,Color, 11'12", Drama, Hor..

CCTV in the elevator, The dark red sewage from a resident's garbage b..

The Wall

Dir: JUNG Ji-hyun
2020,Color, 12'21", Drama, Hor..

The main character hates his neighbor woman, the owner of a noisy dog. T..

In the Scar

Dir: HA Soo-hwa
2020,B&W, 7'35", Drama, Thr..

I go back to me every day. Which I call a stain, there are many layers of..

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