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Queen of Walking

2016, Color, 93', Live Action
Dir: BAEK Seung-hwa
Keyword: Drama, Comedy, Youth, Sports, Family
Release: 2016-10-20



A coming of age story of a group of cheerful youths that conveys the message that it’s okay to take it slow. 

Director's Note


Director's Bio / Filmography
- BAEK Seung-hwa

Born in 1982. Graduated from ‘Kaywon School of Art and Design’ with B.A. in Animation Dept. Worked as a member of the field staff and also as a storyboard writer for many commercial and indie films. Currently playing the drums in "Tobacco Juice" and produced many music videos. is his first documentary.

2006 [Good Night] digi-beta, color, 9min.
2009 [Turn it up to 11] DV 6mm, color, 95ཐ", documentary
        Fujifilm Eterna Award (Best Korean Independent Feature Film Award),
        13th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (2009, Korea)
        5th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (2009, Korea)
        Audience Award, 35th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2009, Korea)
2012 [Turn it up to Eleven 2 : WILD Days] 91’, documentary
        Korean Music Film Now, 8th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (2012, Korea)
        Audience Award, Korean Competition, 4th DMZ Korean International Documentary Festival (2012, Korea)
         [Lateness] 37’13”
        5th Sangsangmadang Cinema Music Festival (2012, Korea)
        8th Jecheon Int’l Music & Film Festival (2012, Korea)
        Competition, 38th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2012, Korea) 

2016  [Queen of Walking]  93min.






SHIM Eun-kyung
PARK Joo-hee