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Penny Pinchers

2011, Color, 114', Live Action
Dir: KIM Jung-hwan
Keyword: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Release: 2011-11-10



Chun Ji-woong (Song Junggi) is a young man who always fails the company entrance exams. His mother has stopped giving him an allowance and he doesn' t have a single penny left in his pocket so romance is not an option for him. Now, he' s about to be kicked out from where he lives because he could not pay the monthly rent. Miraculously, he gets to meet Ku Hong-sil (Han Ye-seul), a bottle-collecting savior, just in time. Hong-sil is a penny pincher who would not accept love, religion, and illness in her life because it' s a waste of money. She makes an attractive proposal to Ji-woong, saying that she will teach him ways to earn money. However, nothing is for free in this world. Hong-sil has one condition: he must do whatever she tells him to do for the next two months. Ji-woong joins her and begins serving her as a servant. While he begins to make money, they have disputes about everything they do. But their co-worker helps him save more and more money. They have begun working together with different purposes. Will they be successful?  

Director's Note


Director's Bio / Filmography
- KIM Jung-hwan
born in 1973, Seoul, Korea
graduated from HanYang Univ. Dept. of French Literature 

1993    [Invisible Road] 16mm, color, 7min.
1996    [The Tracer] 16mm, b&w, 7min.
1997    [Into the Wrapper of Noodle] 16mm, color, 5min.
1999    [Andante] 20min, 16mm, color
             IndieForum, Independent Film & Video Makers' Forum (2000, Korea)

Producer : Stanley Kwak, Jeong Hoon-tak
PD : Jenna Ku 

Cinematography :  Hong seong hyuk
Edit : Kim Sun-min
Music : Lee Byung-hoon
Art Director : Hwang Ju-hye
Make-up : Kim Seong-mi
Record : Jeong In-ho
Sound : Lee Seung-yup


Han Ye-seul as Hong-sil
Song Junggi as Ji-woong
SHIN So-yul as Kyoung-ju
Lee Sang-yeop as Kwan-woo