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Their Universe

2023, Color, 16'59", Live Action
Dir: HAN Jeong-gil
Keyword: Drama, Fantasy, Youth, Women, Rights, Ga..



Jun, who passed away in an accident a year ago, comes to Earth as a ghost to say goodbye to his lover, Hyun.


Director's Note

We miss those who left us with their last breath. Maybe they would miss us, too.


Director's Bio / Filmography
- HAN Jeong-gil

Studied at Seoul Institute of the Arts, department of Media Creation / Film department

His film mainly concerns with human life in society. Through the dilemma, he creates a film in which characters face social phenomena.
2013 [The music without a note]
2013 Korea Youth Film Festival
2013 Dongrang Art Festival –Best Cinematography
2013 15th Gangwon Youth Film Festival – Best Film Award  

2014 [Relation]
2014 14th Dream Invitation Motion Pictures Award) – third Prize
2014 14th Korea Youth Creation Film Festival - Best Cinematography
2014 Dongrang Art Festival 
2014 16th Sejong Youth Film Award – Bronze Prize 
2014 Youth 1318 Film Festival – third prize 
2014 Made in Busan

2016 10th River Film Festival (Italy, Padova) - Official selection
2016 2nd Asia International Youth Short film Exhibition (China) - Official selection 
2016 1st Grand Indiewise (US) - Official selection 

2016 [Adaptation]
2016 11th University Film Festival of Korea  
2017 7th Chungmuro Short Film Festival 

2016 [Boy in the net]
2017 2nd Anyang Youth Film Festival - +UNDER24 Best Film Award for Korea Competition 
2017 3rd Asia International Youth Micro-film Exhibition (China) - Finalist 
2017 14th International festival of film schools workshop "KINOPROBA" (Russia)

2017 [My name is]
2018 12th Evergreen multi-culture International Short Film Festival 
2018 3rd Anyang Youth Film Festival - +UNDER24 
2018 4th Prologue International Film Festival -Best Short Film award (Uzbekistan)
2018 8th Chungmuro Short Film Festival, Short Competition - Dream Prize 
2018 23th Busan International Film Festival, CommunityBIFF
2018 12th Evergreen International Short Film Festival
2019 6th Chennai International Short Film Festival, World Competition (India)
2019 Orangefilm special screening in June

2017 [My Quiet House]
2018 Young Creative Korea (YCK Film Festival)
2018 Festival da Bienal Internacional de Curitiba (Brazil)
2018 Joinville International Short Film Festival (Brazil)
2018 Lobofest - Internacional de filme (Brazil)

2018 [Where to go]
2018 18th Korea Queer Film Festival (KQFF) 
2018 12th Evergreen multi-culture International Short Film Festival 
2018 1st San Francisco LGBTQ+ COMING OF AGE short-films festival, International Competition (USA) 
2018 Queer Kampala International Film Festival, International Competition (Africa)
2019 Shanghai Pride Film Festival, International Competition (China)
2019 14th Paris Korean Film Festival (France)

2019 [Stormy]
2019 23rd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
2019 15th Eurasia International Film Festival, International Short Competition (Kazakhstan)
2019 23rd Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, PÖFF Shorts (Estonia)
2020 17th Pune International Film Festival (India)
2021 2nd Gully International Film Festival (India)

2022 30th Arizona International Film Festival, International Competition (USA) 

2021 9th Incheon Independent Film Festival

2020 [Breathe]

2020 71st Montecatini International Short Film Festival, International Competition (Italy)

2020 46th Seoul Independent Film Festival

2021 11th Balneario Camboriu International Film Festival, International Short Competition - Performing award (Brazil)

2022 12th Figari Film Fest

2022 Rolling Youth Film Festival (China)


2020 [Modern Family]

2020 Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market  


2022 [Part Time]

2022 13th Macau International Short Film Festival (Macau)

2023 20th London Short Film Festival, Competition (UK)

2023 24th Persons with Disabilities Film Festival


2023 [Their Universe]

2023 13th Seoul International Pride Film Festival

2023 33rd Melbourne Queer Film Festival (Austrailia)

2023 49th Seoul Independent Film Festival





Director/Writer: HAN Jeong-gil

Producer: PARK Chang-hwan, KIM Han-bum
Assistant Director: LEE Dong-hyuck
Cinematograph: CHOI Young-woo
Lighting: CHOI Young-woo
Art: JEONG Myeong-gyo
Sound Record: LEE Sang-ah
Editing: SON Seo-hee
Mixing: CHOI Hye-lee(SUZO)
Music: CHUN Sae-eun
D.I: PARK Soo-min (Studio the Grade) 
CG: HAN Jeong-gil
Special Makeup: BANG Yu-eun  



Jun: YOON Kyung-ho

Hyun: KIM Sung-hyen

Mother: SONG Ah-kyoung