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2022, Color, 5'21", Experimental Film
Dir: KIM Ju-won
Keyword: Fantasy, Environment


Film Awards
The 23th Seoul International ALT Cinema & Media Festival (2023,Korea)
The 24th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival (2023,Korea)
The 15th Great Short Film Festival (2023,Korea)
The 3rd Seongbook Film Festival (2023,Korea)
The 8th Sunday Shorts Film Festival (2022,Portugal)
The 5th Independent Shorts Award (2022,USA)
The 5th Indie Short Fest (2022,USA)

Drawing our city


Director's Note

How would you define the city’s shape? For me, the city is shaped like a three-dimensional mosaic.

A mosaic uses parts considering the whole picture and can give new impressions using humans’ optical illusions. Moreover, I believe a mosaic can conceptualize and deliver the meaning of the importance and change of an individual thing along with its purpose is to come together to present a whole picture. I’ve been continuously working on my artwork, deliberating on how to broaden the understanding of our living spaces and environments through the city’s expansion, reduction, and reorganization, how to define the city with visual art’s expression methods, and how to make the audience accept the new methods.


Director's Bio / Filmography
- KIM Ju-won




Director: KIM Ju-won
Producer: PARK Shin-hee
Cinematograph: KIM Ju-won
Editing: KIM Ju-won
Mixing: KIM Ju-won
Music: KIM Ju-won
D.I/CG: KIM Ju-won