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Please Don’t Ask Me Why

2020, Color, 12'45", Live Action
Dir: YANG Gun-young
Keyword: Drama, Rights


Film Awards
The 21th Seoul International ALT Cinema & Media Festival (2021,Korea)
The 19th Mise-en-scène's Short Film Festival (2020,Korea)
The 11th Women's Film Festival in Gwangju (2020,South Korea)

Kiju(31) works at a package service center. She is not good at her job and makes mistakes every once a while. Under the high pressure of the process, Kiju finds something weird in front of her eyes. It keeps coming up at a random spot. She tries to find a new job with no luck. Things get worse and unbearable for her.

Director's Note

When you never get to obtain fundamental human rights in your life, you may become something else than a human being. Unfortunately, we often see the monsters from morbid society. They wanted to become a decent person just like anybody else, until they couldn’t anymore no matter what.

Director's Bio / Filmography
- YANG Gun-young