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2020, Color, 11'12", Live Action
Dir: JEON In-hwan
Keyword: Drama, Horror, Thriller


Film Awards
The 3rd Jeju Hondie Film Festival (2020,Korea)

CCTV in the elevator,

The dark red sewage from a resident's garbage bag makes a small puddle on the elevator floor.

The man with the garbage bag gets off and residents get into the elevator one by one.

An elementary school girl who sees the black and red sewage seeping out of a newspaper which a resident has hidden and left behind, imagines that it might be human blood.


Director's Note

Attitudes towards social phenomena are often tied to my calculation of gains and losses.

Judgment of what happened is readjusted to my situation between my unconsciousness.It would not be too much to say that everything is connected in modern society, although we just watch all of circumstances with composure.

In fact, we are not all free from responsibility for social circumstances.We are just ignorant of all.

Not sure ignorance will be forgiven.We may be tacit conspirators.Just didn’t realize we conspired with each other.


Director's Bio / Filmography
- JEON In-hwan