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The Wall

2020, Color, 12'21", Live Action
Dir: JUNG Ji-hyun
Keyword: Drama, Horror, Thriller



The main character hates his neighbor woman, the owner of a noisy dog.

Then three months after she disappeared, he finds the body in an officetel basement.

Early the next morning he saw a missing neighbor standing up looking up at his window, and from that day on he could not escape the nightmare.


Director's Note

People who live in a communal residential space in the city living without asking or answering each other, as if they respect the territory of individuals. 

Are they having a common nightmare in this place where they hit the wall as a "boundary" and live "on alert" to see if someone's invading them?


Director's Bio / Filmography
- JUNG Ji-hyun

Korea National Univirsity of Arts, MFA / Filmmaking


2020     [Scarecrow] Color, XR, 12min

           Sundance Film Festival (New Frontier)

[The Wall] Color, HD, 12min




Director/Writer   JUNG Ji-hyun
Producer   LEE Song-ee
Assistant director   JANG Jun-young
Cinematographer   KIM Dong-sub
Lighting   KIM Dong-sub
Art   KIM Si-hyung
Editing   CHUN Ji-hyun
Mixing   KIM Hwal-bin
Music   Oliver Coates
D.I   KIM Dong-sub






Main character   AHN Sang-hyun
Neighbor(woman)   SHIN Ye-woon
Neighbor(man)   LEE Byung-soo