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Cinema Lesson

2019, Color, 29'59", Live Action
Dir: SONG Dong-wook
Keyword: Drama


Film Awards
The 3rd Ulsan Short Film Festival (2020,South Korea)
The 14th University Film Festival of Korea (2019,Korea)

Hyunjun is professor of filmmaking department. He want to be a film director but his 3 years of work is frustrated and the production wants another items. He send bunch of his new item and get a good response for one item. But the item was work of his student.

Director's Note

I wonder how a man reacts when he met the deadend for his dream.

Director's Bio / Filmography
- SONG Dong-wook

Dongguk University Computer Science Institute, Filmmaking dept.


2018 [A night before] 16min 

2019 [Cinema Lesson] 30min

Best Director award, 14th University Film Festival of Korea (2019, South Korea)


Director/Screenwriter                          SONG dong wook

Producer                                                    YANG ji ahn

Cinematography/Lighting                    LEE Jun ho

Editing                                                          AHN Sun mi

Mixing                                                          SHIN jung mok

art                                                                  JUNG yeon jae

Light                                                             LEE jun ho


KIM dong hyuk as Hyun-jun

SONG duk ho as Kyung-su

KIM byung soon as Young-gyu