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Mother, Young-sook

2019, Color, 32'54", Live Action
Dir: LEE Eun-deok
Keyword: Horror, Thriller, Women, Family


Film Awards
The 21th Jeju Women's Film Festival (2020,Korea)
The 11th Women's Film Festival in Gwangju (2020,South Korea)

There is a mother named Young-sook who  is living with her two sons and exhausted from a lonely and painful life. Some of her neighbours come to reach and start to help her by chance. It makes Young-sook’s life revived but soon people no longer come to see her, so she starts to get nervous.

Director's Note

Love becomes terribly cruel sometimes.

It is more so especially when it’s under the name of « mother », hiding brutal obsession and painful affection.

Director's Bio / Filmography
- LEE Eun-deok

Kaywon University of Art and Design, Multimedia Dept.


2014 [The Red Shoes] 14min
9th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
2019 [Mother, Young-sook] 32min
21st Jeju Women's Film Festival (2020, South Korea)
11th Gwangju Women's Film Festival (2020, South Korea)

Director/Screenwriter   LEE Eundeok

Producer   CHOI Wonyoung

Assistant Director   YANG Sungbo

Cinematography/Lighting   LEE Jongwoo

Editing   SUH Seunghyun

Mixing   Aaron KIM

Art   MUN Soohyun

Light   KIM Sangcheol

Music   KIM Jiae


SO Heejeong as Young-sook

JEONG Junwon as Byung-il

YU Yeonsuk as Byung-sang