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Two of us

2019, Color, 25'30", Live Action
Dir: LEE Sang-min
Keyword: Drama, Women, Rights, Family



Dong Sook, who lives with his son Sang-jung, fired by insurance company where she had worked for 10 years and received a spam-set as a retirement allowance. After that, DongSook, who has been trying for find the job again and again, is asked to appear on the Sangjung’s film on the day when she will interview with a company in fine condition.

Director's Note

Today, as life expectancy increases, how to live a life after middle age becomes an important issue. This film is a story about 'Dong-Sook', who must be re-employed after being cut off by the company in the 50's. I concentrated on contemplating rather than interfering cinematically with the life of Dongsuk as possible. I also wanted to point out the hopes for the future of the two lives rather than the end of the story only through film events.

Director's Bio / Filmography
- LEE Sang-min

Dongguk University, Department of Film.


2018     [In short moment] HD, Color, 2min.

2018 Seoul Metro International Film Festival, Domestic Competition Prize

2019     [Two of us] HD, Color, 25min.

14th University Film Festival of Korea (2019, South Korea)


Director/Writer   LEE SANGMIN

Producer   Song Suji

Assistant director   Han Dahae

Cinematographer   Kim Jongsoo

Lighting   Kim Jongsoo

Art   Song Kyubin

Recording   Song Yomin

Editing   Lee Sangmin, Chen Chihning

Mixing   Kim Youhoon

Music   Kim Samuel

D.I   Kim Jongsoo



Dong-suk   Ahn Minyoung

Sang-jung   Son Yongbeom

Hyun-ju   Song Ah yeong