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2019, Color, 4'55", Animation
Dir: LEE Ha-rin
Keyword: Drama, Fantasy, Thriller, Youth, Action



The main character, with his mask on, refuses to show his true identity. But when alone, he conflicts with his own desire to unveil the mask...

Director's Note

There exists diverse personas out of one person and one can feel a sense of incompatibility, regarding them as strangers. We managed to show this state by producing another oneself,  chasing the main character, trying to unveil the mask out of him. Although the mask is unveiled, the main character remains as always ; we were trying to deliver that, 'Though there exists various facets of one human being, every one of them are ultimately true oneself'.

Director's Bio / Filmography
- LEE Ha-rin

Studied at Kaywon University of Art & Design, animation dept. 


2019 [MASK] HD, Color, 5min. 


Directed/Produced by   Lee ha rin

Animating   Lee ha rin, Joung yun joung
Art Work   Lee ha rin, Joung yun joung, Um su hyun, Park so hyun.
Story   Lee ha rin
Character design   Lee ha rin, Joung yun joung
Mixing   Lee ha rin
Music   Im So young
Background   Um su hyun, Park so hyun