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The Designer

2017, Color,B&W, 17'01", Live Action
Dir: MIN Boung-hun
Keyword: Drama


Film Awards
The 17th Seoul International NewMedia Festival (2017,Korea)
The 43th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2017,Korea)

The man is a movie director. He wants to make a movie as a true art but faces with a question that has long troubled him in the pain of intense fighting with ideas. He goes on a trip to escape from the bridle of the abyss of the abyss. One day, a woman like an angel appears to him.

Director's Note

It questions his or her own identity delicately even though the boundaries of the subject may be ambiguous to himself or to the audience.

Director's Bio / Filmography
- MIN Boung-hun
Born in 1969, Seoul

1998 [Bee Fly] 90min.
         Silver Alexander, Thessaloniki Film Festival (Greece)
         Young Cinema Audience Award, FIPRESCI Prize, Prize of the City of Torino st Film, Torino International Festival (Italy)
         Young East European Cinema Don Quixote Award, Cottbus Film Festival (Germany)
2001 [Let’s Not Cry!] 98min.
         FIPRESCI Prize, Special Mention, Karlovy Vary Int’l Film Festival (the Czech Republic)
         Special Artistic Achievement, Thessaloniki Film Festival (Greece)
2006 [Pruning the Grapevine] 117min.
         Montreal Int'l Film Festival (Canada)
         Competition, Karlovy Vary Int’l Film Festival (the Czech Republic)
         PPP Award, Busan International Film Festival (Korea)
2012 [Mask and Mirror] 20’16”
        Best Director Prize Korean Short Film Competition, 14th Jeonju Int’l Film Festival (2013, Korea)

Director   MIN Byung-hun
Script   AHN Eun-mi
Producer         JEON Ki-jung
Assistant Director  PARK Byeong-jun
Cinematography  LEE Sang-hun
Recording  LEE Sang-hun
Editing   PARK Byeong-jun
Mixing   KIM Myung-hwan
Music   KIM Myung-hwan 


Man(Alexander)        BYUN Jae-wook
Woman  SEO Ji-hye