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2017, Color, 24'02", Live Action
Dir: LEE Seo-hee
Keyword: Drama, Thriller, Youth, Women, Rights


Film Awards
The 12th Film Festival for Women's rights (2018,Korea)
The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival (2017,Korea)
The 43th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2017,Korea)


“Where do I have to go now?”
After few days running away from home, Hye-Jin finds out that she is on her period. 
With the pain cramping up her stomach, Hye-Jin stays overnight at her friend Soo-Jung’s place, and gets half-thrown out of the house. Hye-Jin wanders around and meets people for a job, or at least for some sanitary pads.


Director's Note


“To live as a woman in Korea” 
On the surface, this story seems like Hye-Jin’s runaway diary. 
In Fact, it shows what it is like to live as a woman in Korea by the protagonist facing the society alone. The film began with questioning about economic, social, and cultural impacts of women in Korea, and led to the thought that teenage girl’s anxiety would be a whole new level especially, facing self-formation time. Through high schooler Hye-Jin, director Lee wanted to show how the deficient and unstable society is affecting an adolescent through a woman’s perspective. Furthermore, she hopes that this movie could raise awareness of the problems that the socially disadvantaged people are going through. I hope this film could make people sympathize and observe how the protagonist is forced to make her decisions, driven by the society.


Director's Bio / Filmography
- LEE Seo-hee


Graduated from Dankook University, Graduate School of Cinematic Content


2008 [YONG YEON EE] 11min.
 Challenging Reality Award, 10th Seoul International Youth Film Festival
2014 [AN ENCOUNTER] 25min.
2017 [Sunday] 24min
18th Jeonju International Film Festival(2017, Korea)
43rd Seoul Independent Film Festival(2017, Korea)
12th Film Festival for Women's rights(2017, Korea) 




Director/Script   LEE Seo-hee
Producer   LEE Seo-hee
Assistant director   LEE Jung-hyun
Cinematographer  CHOI Taek-jun
Lighting           CHOI Taek-jun
Recording   CHOI Ho-sik
Editing    LEE Seo-hee
Mixing    KINOPOST
D.I  CHOI Taek-jun 


Hye-Jin  OH Yoo-jin
Su-jung  RA Kyeong-min
Gun-myung LEE Dong-young