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2018, Color, 9'54", Animation
Dir: JEONG Min-ji
Keyword: Comedy, Thriller


Film Awards
The 14th Indie Anifest (2018,Korea)

Who? Who? Who? 

Director's Note


Who? Who? Who?
Who ate all the cupcakes? 


Director's Bio / Filmography
- JEONG Min-ji


Born in 1984, Jechon. Graduated from the Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science, Chung-Ang University. Directed and produced Short Animation (2007), (2010), Who? (2018) and worked as a designer and producer in Seoul. Now, he is an Animation director in ‘Blackbird Studio ‘in Holland and lecturer of animation specialist course in ‘Baken trinitas gymnasium’. 

2007  [Animal Farm] digi-beta, color, 12ཤ" 
           Competition, 5th Tricky Women Animation Film Festival (2009, Austria)
           Entertainment award, Japan Pop Culture Festival (2008,Japan)
           Best Animation Shortfilm Award, City of Soria Int’l Short Film Festival (2008, Spain)
          ཆ Years of Indiestory' Festival (2008, Hong Kong)
           Technical Contribution Award in Int'l Competition, Brazilian Student Film Festival (2008, Brazil)
           Linoleum Animation Film Festival (2008, Russia)
           Best Short Film in Short Competition, 5th Femina – Int’l Women's Film Festival (2008, Brazil)
           Student Competition, 18th World Festival of Animated Film-Zagreb (2008, Croatia)
           Int’l Short Film Competition, 1st Slow Food on Film Festival (2008, Italy)
           Competition Animation, 15th Granada Int’l Short Film Festival (2008, Spain)
           Animation Series, Philadelphia Film Festival (2008, USA)
           School and Graduation Short Film Competition, 12th SICAF-Seoul Int’l Cartoon & Animation 
           Festival (2008, Korea)
           Competition, 3rd Busan Universiade for Digital Contents (2008, Korea)
           3rd Animation Nation Festival (2007, Singapore)
           Animation Shorts, 16th St. Louis Int’l Film Festival (2007, USA)
           Competition, 9th Puchon Int’l Student Animation Festival (2007, Korea)
           Short Films Official Section, 18th San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival (2007, Spain)
           Anima’t Section, 40th Sitges Int’l Film Festival of Catalonia (2007, Spain)
           Best of Young Animation, 9th Wiesbaden Int’l Weekend of Animation (2007, Germany)
           Int’l Competition, 5th Shnit Short Film Festival (2007, Switzerland)
           Competition, 6th Jeju Film Festival (2007, Korea)
           Student Film in Competition, 3rd Indie-Anifest (2007, Korea)
           Next Stream, 8th Seoul Net Festival (2007, Korea)
           Graduation Films, 31st Annecy Int’l Festival of Animated Film (2007, France)
2010 [Can] HD, color, 10’30”
          1st InDPolar Int'l Animation Festival (2012, Hong Kong)
          Korean Short Films Festival in Moscow (2012, Russia)
          13th International Women's Film Festival (2011, Korea)
          27th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film & Video Festival (2011, USA)
          ASIAGRAPH Excellent Works award (2011,Japan)
          14th SICAF-Seoul Int'l Cartoon & Animation Festival (2010, Korea)
          Special Mention, 6th Indie- AniFest (2010, Korea)
          Competition, 12th Puchon International Student Animation Festival (2010, Korea)
          Competition, 12th Puchon International Student Animation Festival (2010, Korea)
          Competition, The ANI WOW 2010 Animation Festival (2010,China)
          Competition, The Global Digital Playground in Is land (2010,Malaysia)
          Competition, The Daejeon Independent Film&Video Festival (2010,Korea)
          14th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival Special invitation (2010,Korea)

2018 [Who?] HD, color, 9ི"
 The 14th Indie Anifest (2018,Korea)



Director  JEONG Min-ji
Script  JEONG Min-ji, Leander Kruizinga
Producer Leander Kruizinga
Character design JEONG Min-ji, KIM Han-wool, JEONG Ju-hyeok
Art Work JEONG Min-ji, Leander Kruizinga,
KIM Han-wool, KIM Mi-yeon
Edit  YOO Sung-yup, KIM Woo-il
VFX  YOO Seung-bo, KIM Ung-gi
  KIM Dong-hyeon, PARK Seung-heon
  LEE Sang-jae, KIM Hye-rim, SON Ik-hwa
Modeling KIM Dong-hwan, KIM Hye-rim
Animation KIM Hye-rim, LEE Song-hee, KANG Hui-seon
  SON Ik-hwa, KIM Dong-hwan, JEONG Joo-hwa
  LEE Joon-sung
Background JEONG Min-ji, KIN So-hee, KIM Ji-yul,
  JEONG Hye-jin, CHOI Jae-hui, PARK Da-bean
Sound  Peter Calicher, Willem Cramer
Music  Willem Cramer 


Eli Thorne, Loveday Smith, Hank Botwinik, Leander Kruizinga, Peter Calicher