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My Little Brother, Seung-hyuk

2018, Color, 19'9", Live Action
Dir: KIM Deok-geun
Keyword: Drama, Children, Youth, Family


Film Awards
The 38th Hawaii International Film Festival (2018,USA)
The 23th Busan International Film Festival (2018,Korea)
The 16th Curta Santos Short Film festival (2018,Brazil)
The 1st Global University Film Awards (2018,Hong Kong)


Seung-hyuk has been sacrificing a lot for his older brother Min-hyuk who is suffering from ADHD. He finds out that his mother, who is divorced from his father and about to leave home, is planning to take Min-hyuk with her. Seung-hyuk doesn’t want to concede this time, so he sends Min-hyuk to school all by himself.


Director's Note


I believe one’s environment is the most crucial factor in developing his or her personality. And at the center of such environment is family. Although going through disintegration of their own family alone won’t give this brothers full understanding of the rules of adults, I wish a day’s experience of strife and reconciliation would provide them with will to keep their warmth as they grow up.


Director's Bio / Filmography
- KIM Deok-geun

Majoring in Film Making at Korea National University of Arts

2011 [Below the Bridge] 17min.
2014 [Dawn] 6min.
2017 [My Little Brother, Seung-hyuk] 19’9”


Director/Screenwriter                          KIM Deok-geun

Producer                                                 LIM Seong-hyuk

Assistant Director                                  KIM Tae-woo

Cinematography/Lighting                    LEE Tei

Art                                                            KIM Da-hyun

Recording                                                SIM You-kyung

Editing                                                     WOO Hee-jeong, KIM Deok-geun

Mixing                                                      LEE Seong-jun

Music                                                       Yonrimog

D.I.                                                            LEE Tei




CHOI Jun-wou as Seung-hyuk

PARK Ji-ho as Min-hyuk

KIM Yeong-seon as the Mother