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Bloodshot Eyes

2020, Color, 17'8", Live Action
Dir: LEE Ju-seung
Keyword: Horror, Thriller


Film Awards
The 3rd Jeju Hondie Film Festival (2020,Korea)

17 years ago when Jeongah was pregnant, her husband was killed by a masked murderer. She witnessed the scene but couldn’t do anything frozen by fear and the murder wasn’t caught afterall.

After the horrific incident, Jeongah was diagnosed with anxiety disorder as an aftereffect. All of a sudden, her husband’s murder comes back and tries to kill her daughter this time.

Will Jeongah have the courage to protect her daughter?


Director's Note

As a woman would be suspicious of her husband once he cheats, as someone who backbites people would be afraid if others backbite him, as a swindler doesn’t trust other people’s words, people inherit their thoughts with obsession, violence and puppetry from others.

If so, wouldn’t a murder full of guilt believe and fear that others would kill just like him?


Director's Bio / Filmography
- LEE Ju-seung