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2020, Color, 10'3", Live Action
Dir: KIM Seong-ky, YUN Yu
Keyword: Drama, Thriller, Women, Rights, Family


Film Awards
The 4th Ulsan Short Film Festival (2021,South Korea)

The woman is strapped on the chair, and a man takes off the tape covering her mouth.

As soon as the tape’s removed, the woman rushes him to put the tape back.

It is a crime scene disguising suicide as a homicide.

The woman suffers excruciating pain as it has been for years,

and at the end, the two are astonished by what they truly desired deep down.

Director's Note

In the extreme situation, one’s true feeling reveals what’s been meant inside.

Is it possible to know the other person’s deep down truth?

Director's Bio / Filmography
- YUN Yu

Born in 1978, Seoul
Graduated from Korea National University of Arts, Dept. Filmmaking

2007  [Lonely Weather for a Duck] 11min.
2008  [Alone in Our Third Summer] 7min.
2013  [Forest of War] 13min.
2014  [A Stitch in Time] 21’50”

         Excellence award, 7th Seoul Senior Film Festival (2014, Korea)
         19th IndieForum, Independent Film & Video Makers’ Forum 2014 (2014, Korea)

- KIM Seong-ky