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A Leave

2020, Color, 81', Live Action
Dir: LEE Ran-hee
Keyword: Drama, Rights, Family
Release: 2021-10-21


Film Awards
The 23th Jeongdongjin Independent Film & Video Festival (2021,Korea)
The 28th Women Make Waves Film Festival (2021,Taiwan)
The 16th Korean Film Festival in Paris (2021,France)
The 45th Hong Kong International Film Festival (2021,Hong Kong)
The 1st Festival du Film Coréen Nantco (2021,France)
The 2nd Beautiful Hapcheon Independent Film Festival (2021,Korea)
The 9th Muju Film Festival (2021,Korea)
The 8th Marie claire film festival (2021,Korea)
The 14th Jeonbuk Women Film Fetival (2021,Korea)
The 2nd Beautiful Hapcheon Independent Film Festival (2021,Korea)
The 9th Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival (2021,Korea)
The 17th Incheon Women's Film Festival (2021,Korea)
The 26th Aichi Int'l Women's Film Festival (2021,Japan)
The 8th Chuncheon SF Film Festival (2021,Korea)
The 10th Mokpo Human Rights Film Festival (2021,Korea)
The 9th Barcelona Asian Film Festival (2021,Spain)
The 12th Busan Peace Film Festival (2021,Korea)
The 64th San Francisco International Film Festival (2021,USA)
The 8th Bucheon Labor Film Festival (2021,Korea)
The 46th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2020,Korea)
The 25th Busan International Film Festival (2020,Korea)
The 24th Incheon Human Rights Film Festival (2020,Korea)
The 9th Gwangju Independent Film Festival (2020,Korea)

A 49-year old fired worker Jae-bok has been holding a sit-in for 5 years with his colleagues. After the union lost the final lawsuit asking for the invalidation of his recent layoffs, they decide to take 10 days off. Jae-bok goes back to home and gets a part-time job at a furniture factory during a leave to earn money to pay for his daughter’s college tuition deposits and long padding. 

At a time when he is satisfied with his re-starting labor and his small daily life with his daughters, Jae-bok is offered a full-time job...


Director's Note

There was a laid-off worker, who has been on the street for more than 10 years, left the sit-in three times, and back to the sit-in three times. I asked him why he came back. If I knew why he returned, it felt like I could understand how he was able to fight on the streets for more than a decade.

He replied that ‘because it has been planned and I have to finish it'. He always came back and kept his schedule and finished it. I tried to focus on what he might have seen, heard and felt while on the sit-in site, outside the sit-in site.


Director's Bio / Filmography
- LEE Ran-hee


Born in 1971, Seoul

Graduated from Myongji Univ., Dept. of English Linguistics & Literature
Currently Working as an actress 

2005  [Nineteen, Twenty] DV 6mm, color, 25min.
2006  [Sweet Dreams] DV 6mm, color, 25min.
2009  [A Perm] HD, color,  18 ' 36 "
         The 4th Film Festival for Women's rights (2010,korea)
44th Tampere Film Festival (2016, Finland)
Shortfilm Festival cellu l'art Jena (2012, Germany)
Machida CON-CAN Short Film Festival (2012, Japan)
Filmgym New York Screening (2011, USA)
2nd Future Shorts Festival (2011, UK)
4th Chennai Women's Film Festival (2011, India)
Int'l Competition, 41st Tampere Int'l Short Film Festival (2011, Finland)
9th Concorto Film Festival (2010, Italy)
Oldenburg Short Film Festival (2010, Germany)
Competition, 4th Seoul International Family Festival (2010, Korea)
Winner in short competition, 8th Seoul christianity Film Festival (2010, Korea)
Competition, 7th CON-CAN Movie Festival (2010, Japan)
4th Grand OFF - World Independent Film Awards & Film Festival (2010, Poland)
Competition, DaKINO Int'l Film Festival (2010, Romania)
Int'l Short Film Competition, 24th Leeds Int'l Film Festival (2010, UK)
Competition, Human Rights Fim Festival : This Human World (2010, Austria)
17th Augsburg Short Film Festival (2010, Germany)
4th Int'l Short-Film Festival "Different Visions For The World" (2010, Brazil)
Filmfest Hamburg 2010 (2010, Germany)
Jeongdongin Independent Film&Video Festival (2010, Korea)
11th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival (2010, Korea)
10th Seoul International NewMedia Festival (2010, Korea)
Competition, Syracuse Int'l Film Festival (2010, USA)
Molise Short Film Festival (2010, Italy)
Int'l Competition, 16th  Damascus Int'l Film Festival (2010, Syria)
8th Vladivostok Int'l Film Festival of Asia Pacific countries (2010, Russia)
Int'l Short Film in Competition, 6th Monterrey Int'l Film Festival (2010, Mexico)
21st Sao Paulo Int'l Short Film Festival (2010, Brazil)
Competition, 59th Melbourne Int'l Film Festival (2010, Australia)
Competition, 9th Mise-en-scene’s Short Film Festival (2010, Korea)
Jury Award in Int'l Competition, 26th Hamburg International Short Film Festival (2010, Germany)
Int'l Competition, 33rd Norwegian Short Film Festival (2010, Norway)
12th International Women's Film Festival (2010, Korea)
Short Competition, 60th Berlin Int'l Film Festival (2010, Germany)
Competition, 35th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2009, Korea)
Wide Angle, 14th Pusan Int’l Film Festival (2009, Korea) 
2014 [A Night before the Wedding] HD, color, 18’ 33”
         6th Women's Film Festival in Gwangju (2015,South Korea)
6th Cheonan Women's Film Festival(2015, Korea) 
3rd Incheon Independent Film Festival (2015, Korea) 
9th Incheon Women's Film Festival (2015, Korea) 
9th Film Festival for Women's rights (2015, Korea) 
Grand Prize, The 8th Seoul International Senior Film Festival (2015, Korea) 
Best picture award, The 11th Jeju Film Festival (2015, Korea) 
Great Director Prize, 9th Great Short Film Festival (2015, Korea) 
Excellecnce award, 17th Jeongdongjin Independent Film & Video Festival (2015, Korea) 
2nd Sa-ram Sa-neun Se-sang Film Festival (2015, Korea) 
12th Seoul International Agape Film Festival (2015, Korea) 
10th EuroAsia Shorts Film Festival (2015, USA)
20th Indieforum (2015, Korea) 
40th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2014, Korea)
2016 [A Tent] 24' 41"
 10th Daejeon Independent Film Festival (2016,Korea)
          42th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2016,Korea)
          21th Incheon Human Rights Film Festival (2016,Korea)
          2nd Busan Off Off Film Festival (2016,Korea)
          4th DIASPORA FILM FESTIVAL (2016,Korea)
          16th Jeonbuk International Film & Video Festival (2016,koera)
          4th Incheon Independent Film Festival, in-Film Prize (2016,Korea)
          3rd Catholic Film Festival, Participation Prize (2016,korea)
3rd Pohang Fine Short Film Festival, Jury Prize (2016,Korea)
18th Jeongdongjin Independent Film & Video Festival (2016,Korea)
17th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival, Award for Best Performance(LEE In-geun,KIM Keung-bong,LIM Jae-choon) (2016,Korea)
12th Incheon Women's Film Festival (2016,Korea)
15th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival (2016,Korea)
21th Indieforum (2016, Korea)
13th Seoul International Agape Film Festival (2016,korea)
21st Seoul Human Rights Film Festival (2016, Korea)
17th Jeonju International Film Festival (2016, Korea)