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Us, day by day

2019, Color, 74'52", Documentary
Dir: KANGYU Ga-ram
Keyword: Women, Rights, Environment
Release: 2021-06-30


Film Awards
The 9th Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival (2021,Korea)
The 20th Seoul Independent Documentary Film&Video Festival (2020,Korea)
The 17th Green Film Festival in Seoul (2020,Korea)
The 2nd Seoul Independent Women’s Film Festival (2020,Korea)
The 24th Incheon Human Rights Film Festival (2019,Korea)
The 21th International Women's Film Festival in Seoul (2019,Korea)
The 8th Daegu Women's Film Festival (2019,South Korea)
The 45th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2019,Korea)
The 20th Jeju Women's Film Festival (2019,Korea)
The 10th Women's Film Festival in Gwangju (2019,South Korea)


Director's Note


Director's Bio / Filmography
- KANGYU Ga-ram

Graduated from Ehwa Women’s University, Dept., of Education
Graduated from Ehwa Women’s University Graduate School with a Master of Art in Women’s Studies

2010 [I’m Not Just Biased] 20min.
2011 [My Father’s House] 49min.

Special Juries Mention, 11th Seoul Independent Documentary and Film Festival (2011, Korea)

12th Jeonju International Film Festival (2011, Korea)
7th Incheon Women’s Film Festival (2011, Korea)
Best Korean Documentary Award, 3rd DMZ International Documentary Festival (2011, Korea)
37th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2011, Korea)
Komunitas Dokumenter (2011, Indonesia)
5th Women’s International Film Festival in Chennai (2012, India)
Documentary Award, 29th Busan International Short Film Festival (2012, Korea)
12th JeonBuk Independent Film Festival (2012, Korea)

2015 [The Jinju Hair Salon] 6’10”

 41st Seoul Independent Film Festival (2015, Korea) 

18th Jeongdongjin Independent Film & Video Festival (2016,Korea)