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Hello Dayoung

2018, B&W, 61', Live Action
Dir: KO Bong-soo
Keyword: Drama, Comedy
Release: 2018-12-06


Film Awards
The 19th Jeonju International Film Festival (2018,Korea)
The 13th Korean Film Festival in Paris (2018,France)
The 15th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival (2018,Hong Kong)



Minjae, a delivery man, waits every day for the courier supposed to arrive at Samjin Corporation. It is because he has a crush on Dayoung who works there. One day, he finds that the members of Samjin treat her poorly. In order to help her, he quits the delivery and gets a job in Samjin.


Director's Note


It was a dry era in which melodrama in the true sense does not come out well. The value of love can not be expressed in words, so I wanted to talk in the way of silent movies.


Director's Bio / Filmography
- KO Bong-soo


2005 [Three Dollar Baby] 10min.

Chicago Comedy Festival (2005, USA)
DePaul University Film Festival (2005, USA)
2006 [A Cup of Coffee] 15min.
Redbank International Film Festival (2006, USA)
Best Short Film, Chicago North Western Film Festival (2006, USA)
2009 [Slapdown] 90min.
Atlanta International Film Festival (2009, USA)
Urban Mediamakers Film Festival (2009, USA)
2015 [G4] 25min.
20th IndieForum (2015, Korea)
2016 [Delta Boys] 120min.
Grand Prize & CGV Arthouse Award, 17th Jeonju International Film Festival (2016, Korea)
21st IndieForum (2016, Korea)
Critics’ Award & Geonji Award, 4th Muju Film Festival (2016, Korea)
9th FILM LIVE: KT&G Sang-sang-ma-dang Music Film Festival (2016, Korea)
Audience Award, 4th Incheon Independent Film Festival (2016, Korea)
12th Jeju Film Festival (2016, Korea)
42nd Seoul Independent Film Festival (2016, Korea)
2017 [Loser’s Adventure] 107min.
Daemyung Culture Wave Prize, 18th Jeonju International Film Festival (2017, Korea)
5th Muju Film Festival (2017, Korea)
19th Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival (2017, Korea)
A Special Jury Mention, 2nd London East Asia Film Festival (2017, UK)
19th Seoul International Youth Film Festival (2017, Korea)
32nd Mar del Plata International Film Festival (2017, Argentina)
43rd Seoul Independent Film Festival (2017, Korea)


2018[Hello Dayoung] 62 min.

        19th Jeonju International Film Festival, Korea Cinemascape (2018)





Directed by                  KO Bong-soo

Written by                   LIM Hye-in

Producer                     KIM Jeong-gi

Assistant Director        KIM Jeong-gi

Cinematography          KO Bong-soo

Make-up                     LEE Ho-jeong

Editing                        KO Bong-soo




Dayoung                       LEE Ho-jeong

Delivery Man                 SHIN Min-jae

Daughter of the boss     GANG Ha-ram