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The Goose Goes South

2018, Color, 108', Live Action
Dir: BAEK Jae-ho, LEE Hee-seop
Keyword: Drama, Music


Film Awards
The 22th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, Korean fantastic (2018,Korea)
The 14th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (2018,Korea)


 Woozoo visits Osaka to finish his business as his boss Dae-jung has gone missing in a ship accident. On the last day, Woozoo chases someone looking exactly like Dae-jung. He ends up losing him, but the guitar sound draws him to a small bar, Pier 34. Its owner, Snow, somehow reminds him of Dae-jung and listening to his music brings back memories. After passing out right there, Woozoo misses his flight back to Korea and then quits his job on a whim. He soon meets Haruna who learns guitar from Snow. And he decides to stay at Pier 34 till he finds Dae-jung.


Director's Note


 Looking up at the Ferris wheel of Tempozan, I can see a blue sky over the Ferris wheel. I wonder when I was riding in the Ferris wheel. I don't think I've ever done it before. I pluck up my courage and get into the Ferris wheel. Inside the Ferris wheel, there is peaceful music. As Ferris wheel goes up, people on the ground, buildings get smaller. Listening to music, I watch the scenery and think of things. I don't want to do anything else, and I can't. This moment is only for me.


Director's Bio / Filmography
- BAEK Jae-ho


BAEK Jae-ho

After establishing his career as an actor in films and television series, Baek and a group of friends decided to move into filmmaking. He was the co-producer, co-cinematographer and actor in and . He debuted in 2014 with the feature , is his second directorial feature.


2014       [We Will Be Ok] 102min.

3rd Wildflower Film Awards Korea

10th The London Korean Film Festival

20th Independent Film&Vedio Makers

40th Seoul Independent Film Festival

19th Busan International Film Festival


2018       [The Goose Goes South] 108min.

13th Osaka Asian Film Festival (2018, Japan)

22nd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival(2018, Korea

14th Jecheon International Music&Film Festival(2018, Korea)


- LEE Hee-seop


 Completed graduate school of Dongguk University, MFA. Currently working as cinematographer and director. He worked as a cinematographer for 10 films, including (2012). (2018) is his first directed works.


2018 [The Goose Goes South] 108min.

13th Osaka Asian Film Festival (2018, Japan)

22nd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival(2018, Korea)

14th Jecheon International Music&Film Festival(2018, Korea)




Directed by                             BAEK Jae-ho, LEE Hee-seop

Written by                               BAEK Jae-ho

Production                              WooZoo Label

Assistant Director                    LEE Min-uk

Cinematography                      LEE Hee-seop

Lighting                                  WON Sung-bin

Recording                               Sugimoto Takashi

Art                                         PARK Ji-hyun

Costume                                 Shimono Yuka

Make-up                                 Shimono Yuka

Editing                                   JO Hyun-ju

Mixing                                    KIM Yong-joo

Music                                     Snow

D.I.                                        HYUNG Jun-seok

CG                                         KWON Sung-mo



Kang-doo          as Woozoo

Hori Haruna       as Haruna

Snow                as Snow