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Omok Girl

2018, Color, 57', Live Action
Dir: BAEK Seung-hwa
Keyword: Drama, Comedy, Youth
Release: 2018-05-24


Film Awards
The 19th Jeonju International Film Festival (2018,Korea)
The 13th Busan International Kids' Film Festival (2018,Korea)


Our protagonist Baduk is a Baduk genius from birth. But it has been a long time since she quit Baduk. All at once she takes part in an Omok tournament which helds in her village, to win prize money. She meets an Omok genius whose name is Glasses Lee in the tournament and makes up her mind to train herself more. Then she applies for the national competition for money once again. She re-encounters with Glasses Lee and the biggest battle between the two finally begins.


Director's Note


Unlike the ‘Baduk’ that is compared to life, ‘Omok’ is considered as small as a play. But, I think that small thing is another charm of life. I wanted to tell that sometimes the triviality makes life.


Director's Bio / Filmography
- BAEK Seung-hwa

Born in 1982. Graduated from ‘Kaywon School of Art and Design’ with B.A. in Animation Dept. Worked as a member of the field staff and also as a storyboard writer for many commercial and indie films. Currently playing the drums in "Tobacco Juice" and produced many music videos. is his first documentary.

2006 [Good Night] digi-beta, color, 9min.
2009 [Turn it up to 11] DV 6mm, color, 95ཐ", documentary
        Fujifilm Eterna Award (Best Korean Independent Feature Film Award),
        13th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (2009, Korea)
        5th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (2009, Korea)
        Audience Award, 35th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2009, Korea)
2012 [Turn it up to Eleven 2 : WILD Days] 91’, documentary
        Korean Music Film Now, 8th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (2012, Korea)
        Audience Award, Korean Competition, 4th DMZ Korean International Documentary Festival (2012, Korea)
         [Lateness] 37’13”
        5th Sangsangmadang Cinema Music Festival (2012, Korea)
        8th Jecheon Int’l Music & Film Festival (2012, Korea)
        Competition, 38th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2012, Korea) 

2016  [Queen of Walking]  93min.




Director/Screenwriter           BAEK Seung-hwa

Production                           KIM Ji-na

Assistant Director                YEO Young-eun

Cinematography                  LEE Ji-min

Lighting                              HWANG Tae-sung

Recording                           PYO Yong-soo, CHOI Ji-yeoung

Art                                     KIM Mee-jeong

Costume                            CHOI Jin-a

Editing                               BAEK Seung-hwa

Mixing                                PYO Yong-soo

Music                                 HAN Jung-in

D.I                                     KIM Hyoung-hee

CG                                     JEONG Hye-in




Baduk LEE                  PARK Se-wan

An-kyung KIM             AN Woo-yeon

Young-nam CHO          LEE Ji-won