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Loser's Adventure

2017, Color, 107', Live Action
Dir: KO Bong-soo
Keyword: Drama, Comedy, Youth, Sports
Release: 2018-06-21


Film Awards
The 2nd London East Asia Film Festival, A Special Jury Mention (2017,UK)
The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival, Daemyung Culture Wave Prize (2017,Korea)
The 5th Muju Film Festival (2017,Korea)
The 19th Seoul International Youth Film Festival (2017,Korea)
The 32th Mar del Plata International Film Festival (2017,Argentina)
The 43th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2017,Korea)
The 19th Jeongdongjin Independent Film & Video Festival (2017,Korea)

A high school wrestling team's fate is on the line due to their unpopularity and lack of budget. All the students have left the team except for two, whom are from a broken family. The coach Sang-kyu lost his job and is making living as a bus driver. However, he tries continuously to persuade the principal to let the remaining team members to compete in a match for the one last time. At last, the principal gives them one last chance to compete and the wrestling team only has two weeks to prepare for their final match. 

Director's Note

Giving hope to young souls who lost their hopes and dreams. 

Director's Bio / Filmography
- KO Bong-soo


2005 [Three Dollar Baby] 10min.

Chicago Comedy Festival (2005, USA)
DePaul University Film Festival (2005, USA)
2006 [A Cup of Coffee] 15min.
Redbank International Film Festival (2006, USA)
Best Short Film, Chicago North Western Film Festival (2006, USA)
2009 [Slapdown] 90min.
Atlanta International Film Festival (2009, USA)
Urban Mediamakers Film Festival (2009, USA)
2015 [G4] 25min.
20th IndieForum (2015, Korea)
2016 [Delta Boys] 120min.
Grand Prize & CGV Arthouse Award, 17th Jeonju International Film Festival (2016, Korea)
21st IndieForum (2016, Korea)
Critics’ Award & Geonji Award, 4th Muju Film Festival (2016, Korea)
9th FILM LIVE: KT&G Sang-sang-ma-dang Music Film Festival (2016, Korea)
Audience Award, 4th Incheon Independent Film Festival (2016, Korea)
12th Jeju Film Festival (2016, Korea)
42nd Seoul Independent Film Festival (2016, Korea)
2017 [Loser’s Adventure] 107min.
Daemyung Culture Wave Prize, 18th Jeonju International Film Festival (2017, Korea)
5th Muju Film Festival (2017, Korea)
19th Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival (2017, Korea)
A Special Jury Mention, 2nd London East Asia Film Festival (2017, UK)
19th Seoul International Youth Film Festival (2017, Korea)
32nd Mar del Plata International Film Festival (2017, Argentina)
43rd Seoul Independent Film Festival (2017, Korea)


2018[Hello Dayoung] 62 min.

        19th Jeonju International Film Festival, Korea Cinemascape (2018)




Written and Directed by   KO Bong-soo

Producer   KIM Jun-jong
Assistant Director   KIM Jung-ki
Cinematography   KO Bong-soo
Recording   LEE Ha-nul
Make-up   LEE Ho-jung
Editing   KO Bong-soo
Music   Crying Nut

KIM Choong-gil as Choong-gil

BAEK Seung-hwan as Jin-kwon
SHIN Min-jae as Hyuk-jun