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Ash Flower

2016, Color, 126', Live Action
Dir: PARK Suk-young
Keyword: Drama, Youth, Family


Film Awards
The 5th Muju Film Festival, Grand Prize (2017,Korea)
Korea-Vietnam Film Festival (2017,Vietnam)
The 42th Seoul Independent Film Festival, Opening Film (2016,Korea)

A girl of about ten carries a little suitcase when arriving at an intercity bus terminal. She was abandoned by her mother a week ago. Not knowing what to do and why her mother left her, she decides to find a man who might be her father and who she has never met before. 

Director's Note

Directed Wild Flowers about teenage runaway struggling for survival, and then made Steel Flower about a girl in her twenties trying to be independent. After I talked about survival and independence, I would like to complete the end of my film as consolation. Before I started my first film, I happened to meet a girl throwing out empty glass bottles with vacant eyes on the street. She is the character in my film; she was also me; she was everyone as well. Ash Flower is my last greetings to the girl whose name and age I did not even know. 

Director's Bio / Filmography
- PARK Suk-young

2014 [Wild Flowers] 114min.

2014 Actress of the Year, 19th Busan International Film Festival (2014, Korea)
40th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2014, Korea)
25th BLACK MOVIE, Geneva International Film Festival (2015, Switzerland)
9th Mauvais International Genre Film Festival (2015, France)
5th Beijing International Film Festival (2015, China)
10th London Korean Film Festival (2015, UK)
2015 [Steel Flower] 83min.
20th Busan International Film Festival (2015, Korea)
Grand Prize, 41st Seoul Independent Film Festival (2015, Korea)
Jury Prize, 15th Marrakech International Film Festival (2015, Morocco)
Festival Critics Best Independent Award, 14th Florence Korea Film Fest (2016, Italy)
Rookie of the Year Award, 36th The Korean Association of Film Critics Award (2016, Korea)
2016 [Ash Flower] 126min.
Opening Film, 42nd Seoul Independent Film Festival (2016, Korea)
Grand Prize, 5th Muju Film Festival (2017, Korea)
Korea-Vietnam Film Festival 2017 (2017, Vietnam)

Directed by  PARK Suk-young

Written by  PARK Suk-young/HA Sung-tae
Produced by  AHN Bo-young
Cinematography  LEE Sung-eun
Lighting  KIM Wook
Art  JUNG Si-woo
Costume  KWON Eun-sung
Make-up  KWON Eun-sung
Recording  KO Young-choon
Mixing  KIM Hyuk-joong
Editing  CHO Hyun-joo
Music  KIM Dong-ki

JEONG Ha-dam as Ha-dam

JANG Hae-gum as Hae-byul
PARK Myung-hoon as Myong-ho