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Papa Zombie

2016, Color, 89', Live Action
Dir: KO Hyun-chang
Keyword: Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Children, Family
Release: 2016-12-29



A little boy Seung-gu thinks his dad has become a zombie after losing his job. So he arranges an anti-zombie commando with his schoolmates whose dads seem zombies too. They try every possible means to banish zombie fathers from their own sweet home, but it fails all the time. Whether their grand plan to save their family would be accomplished is in the question.


Director's Note

It is the story of those who were abandoned in the society and deprived of the opportunity of a comeback. They were once sons and fathers of somebody, but they now have become zombies. The zombie virus named unemployment has turned ordinary breadwinners into zombies. Perhaps, what do they definitely need is a zombie vaccine called love. I do hope they could return to happy and normal humans, though they seem zombies at the moment.


Director's Bio / Filmography
- KO Hyun-chang

Born in 1970, Seoul.

Graduated from Kangnam Univ.

2013  [App Sapiens] HD, color, 33' 13"
14th Seoul International NewMedia Festival (2014, Korea)
12th International Festival SIGNES DE NUIT (2014, France)
43rd International Film Festival Rotterdam (2014, the Netherlands)
4th Gwacheon SF Festival (2013, Korea) 
  17th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (2013, Korea)
12th Mise-en-scène’s Short Film Festival (2013, Korea) 
2016 [Papa Zombie] 89min.

Written and Directed by KO Hyun-chang
Producer :  KIM Hyung-jun
Cinematography : KO Soo-bok
Lighting  : PARK Hyo-hun
Art  :  KIM Ki-cheol
Mixing  : PYO Yong-soo/KO Eun-ha (Mediact)
Recording : KIM Sung-hun
Costume/Makeup : LIM Kwon-hwa
Editing  :  LEE Kwon-hyun (Moneff)
Composing :  KIM Hong-hee
Animation : CHA Ji-eun 


CHO Han-Cheul as Han-Cheul
CHUNG Ye-woo as Seung-gu
KO Seo-hee as Seung-gu’ mother