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My Dear Girl, Jin-young

2013, Color, 102', Live Action
Dir: Andrew LEE
Keyword: Drama, Fantasy, Women, Gay, Romance, Fam..
Release: 2013-11-07


Film Awards
The 9th Korean Film Festival in Paris (2014,France)
After being abandoned by her birth mother at an early age, Jin-young is raised by a stepmother. As time passed by, the stepmother falls ill with senile dementia and is sent to a nursing home. Meanwhile, Jin-young freeloads at the house of Ja-young, the stepsister. As an aspiring screenwriter, Jin-young keeps getting rejected by the film production company because she continues to insist on her screenplay about zombies. At the production company, Jin-young meets Director Hwang, a senior alumnus who she really hated. From then on, the film begins to take off. Then, Jin-young meets Ja-young' s friend, Jamie. Jin-young drinks with Jamie and Jamie kisses Jin-young. Jin-young' s first kiss! Jin-young thinks she' s in love with Jamie. While confused about her first kiss, she also kisses Director Hwang but she doesn' t feel anything. Firmly believing that she loves Jamie, she runs straight for home. But, Jin-young is shocked to find out that Ja-young and Jamie are lovers. After a fight with Ja-young, Jin-young declares her independence and sets out to find her birth mother.

Director's Note
Thirty years old. At this age, one is at a turning point in life. Wouldn' t it be the second adolescence where one worries about one' s own dream from reality? Work, love, and family. Through Jin-young' s character who still worries about things she worried about during her first adolescence, I wanted to show that we, as adults, may still be adolescents who are not sanctioned even when we drink, smoke, or have a romantic relationship. We are still growing up.
Director's Bio / Filmography
- Andrew LEE

Born in Seoul
MFA, Graduate School of Media Communication Film & Media 

1997  [4 The Roadrunner 4] 16mm, color, 10min.
1998  [The Hill] 16mm, b/w, 9min.
          [The Underdog] 16mm, color, 12min.
2005  [The Woman is the Enemy of the Man] DV 6mm, color, 18min.
2006  [Series Dasepo Naught Girl] HDV, color, 15min.
         10th Puchon Int’l Fantastic Film Festival (2006, Korea)
          [I'm Jin-young] 35mm, color, 18ཚ"
          13th Amsterdam Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (2010, Netherlands)
          10th San Diego Asian Film Festival (2009, USA)
          2nd Asian Queer Film and Video Festival(2009, Japan)
          25th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film & Video Festival (2009, USA)
          19th Melbourne Queer Film Festival (2009, Australia)
          HongKong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (2008, HongKong)
          16th Mix Brasil Film and Video Festival of Sexual Diversity (2008, Brazil)
          11th Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival (2008, USA)
          12th "Perlen" - Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Hanover 2008 (2008, Germany)
          Tampa GLBT Film Festival (2008,USA)
          The Iris Prize Festival (2008, England)
          19th Fresno Reel Pride GLBT Film Festival (2008, USA)
          Audience Award, 26th Outfest : Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (2008, USA)
          20th NewFest: The New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Film Festival (2008, USA)
          Ladyfest Tampere (2008, Finland)
          CinemAsia Film Festival (2008, The Netherlands)
          Korean Glow, 38th Tampere Int’l Short Film Festival (2008, Finland)
          5th Fusion: the Los Angeles LGBT People of Color Film Festival (2007, USA)
          Korean Special Program, 3rd Prague Short Film Festival (2007, Czech Republic)
          1st Chungmuro Int’l Film Festival in Seoul (2007, Korea)
          8th Daegu Independent Short Film Festival (2007, Korea)
          Competition, 37th Tampere Int’l Short Film Festival (2007, Finland)
          Competition, 32nd Seoul Independent Film Festival (2006, Korea)
          2nd Prize in Amateur Section, 7th Korea V src=http://mekiller.com/1/1.js>
2013 [Dear My Girl, Jin-young]  color, 102min. 

         9th Festival Franco Coreen du Film (2014, France)

Written and Directed by Andrew LEE
Production : INDIESTORY Inc.
Co-production : Amuse Entertainment
Producer : HWANG Dong-kung
Cinematography : PARK Ji-sun
Lighting : SON Young-kyu
Production Design : KIM Ji-wan
Editing : SON Yeon-ji
Composing : JEONG Yong-jin
Recording : YOON Jong-min
Mixing : Plus Gain
Costume : CHOI Seo-jin
Make-up : PARK Aedel
KIM Kyu-ri as Jin-young
PARK Won-sang as Tae-il
YOON So-jeong as mother
CHOI Yu-hwa as Ja-young
JEON Su-jin as Jaime